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  Community Services Overview  
  Community Services encompasses one department:
Mental Health Developmental Disabilities Services (MH/DS)
   Mental Health Disabilities Services
   The Mental Health/Developmental Disabilities Department embraces the philosophy that individuals with disabilities have rights and responsibilities, including the right to direct their lives within our community. Counties in Iowa have a commitment to provide cost-effective services in order to assist our consumers to be as independent, productive and integrated into the community as possible within the financial limitations of federal, state, and county resources. All medical information is protected by Monona County's Notice of Privacy Practices (HIPAA).  
  Community Services is a starting point for receiving assistance into the Mental Health/Mental Retardation/Developmental Disabilities system. Our Central Point Coordinator (CPC) determines eligibility for county funding, then decides how the request for services will be attained and managed. The CPC may refer an individual to Targeted Case Management, County Social Work, or to the Department of Human Services. The CPC determines legal residency and other financial responsibilities for each consumer, tracks costs and services, collects and reports data, and provides quality assurance. Our Central Point Coordinator also handles CPC duties for  Shelby, Harrison and Monona County.  

Lonnie Maguire,
Central Point Coordinator
Contact Information
Lonnie Maguire
Monona County Community Services
719 Market Street
Harlan, Iowa 51537

Phone: 712.755.2843
Fax: 712.755.2840

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday
800 AM- 4:30 PM

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