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610 Iowa Ave, Onawa, IA 51040

Tom Brouillette
Mapleton, IA
Vice Chair - District 2

Email: mocodist2@mononacounty.org
Cell: 712-431-6627

Bo Fox
Turin, IA
Chairman - District 1

Email: mocodist1@mononacounty.org
Cell: 712-431-6625

Vince Phillips
Onawa, IA
District 3

Email: mocodist3@mononacounty.org
Cell: 712-431-6628

The Board of Supervisors has both legistlative and administrative powers and is the policy-making body of Monona County government. With its authority to adopt legislation and policies for department operations, the Board sets priorities, allocates resources and maintains budgetary control. By using the budget process effectively, they are able to monitor and correct inefficiencies in all organizational units. In addition to these responsibilities, the Board promotes and facilitates various cooperative efforts between and among other government entities and jurisdictions.

The term of office for elected members of the Board of Supervisors is four years. [Sec. 331.201(4)] The terms are staggered so that no more than a bare majority of the board will be elected in any given election. To accommodate this, elections are held biennially. [Secs. 39.18; 331.203(2)(c), .204(3), .208(4)]

The Board of Supervisors is required to hold its first meeting on the first day in January, which is not a Saturday, Sunday or holiday. All subsequent meetings are held as scheduled by the Board and must be conducted in compliance with Chapter 28A (Iowa Open Meetings Law). A quorum (majority of the Board) must be present before such meetings can be conducted. If a quorum fails to appear at any meeting, the county auditor must adjourn such meeting from day to day until a quorum is present. [Sec. 313.213(2)]

Meetings of the Board of Supervisors must be open to the public unless closed sessions are expressly permitted by law. The Monona County Board of Supervisors meets every Tuesday at 8:30 AM, except on scheduled and major holidays.

Board of Supervisors Agenda:

The Board of Supervisors Agendas are posted on the bulletin board in the Courthouse hallway within a minimum of 24 hours prior to the dated board meeting.

If individuals would like to be added to the agenda, the board office must be notified within the 24 hour prior to the board meeting.

Board of Supervisors Minutes:

The minutes are complete from all board meetings of each year and are available to the public.
The current year minutes will be updated after each board meeting, then posted as soon as possible.

To view the current year meeting agendas or meeting minutes, please click on the links provided at the right.

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February 27, 2024

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